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Ellen's New Game, 'Heads Up!'
411 days ago

I really want to share with you how upset I am about a breach of privacy that has occured.
Firstly my 9yr old daughter download the Heads Up application to her ipod, using her own account. She has enjoyed using it.
However, I was most upset to find 4 videos on my 'private' facebook page last night of my daughter playing this game with her friend at a sleep over last night.
They are 9yrs of age - what they were doing/videoing was totally inocent, however their privacy has been totally breached as they had no idea this was going to shared. Fortunately it went onto my facebook page and no one elses.
However this type of trickery, sneaky behind the scenes code that's being written into these apps is totally wrong and should be illegal.
I think this needs to be addressed as soon as possible - what a joke - it's going to be a hard enough battle to educate the kids on what they knowingly share - how do we help them navigate the stuff that is unknowingly shared?
Ellen you have to talk to the developers... this is wrong. We should be able to play this game, even record ourselves playing this game without it being shared to the world without us knowing!!