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Madonna and Her Dancers
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Way to go! Madonna? Sweet! You booked her! I am a total Icon member..last minute caught you at Houston, Madonna. We loved it...bananas cool. I took my mom at last minute..I was there for a post cancer was her birthday..and she had an effen blast, thank you! The concert was amazing..your son rocked too of course..

You are a mighty one! I am a massive fan! I show up about 3x per tour you see me in the front row..happy as a clam! Hopefully, I will see you in nyc @ MDSG at least again..can't wait. Loves! Your super fan! I am a pretty major fan of you as well Ellen..(total after-understatement). ;)

Question de jour..why is it easier to get tickets to Madonna than Ellen? I will never offense intended..I adore both of you strangers!

We will be tuned in! Thanks for doing what you do..both of you.

Kate (from Nebraska..where Madonna never goes..) :)