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Name Kassidy
Location Jackson, MI
Age 19
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Hobbies Spending my time at the local Humane Society, Studying animals and dancing
About Me I Love Dolphins & Dogs
One Direction
245 days ago

Hello Ellen! Are you a direction-er like me? I bet you are! Everyone gives me a hard time for loving this heart throbbing band for how old I am! I beg to differ. I'm 19 years old from a little town in Michigan. I have always been in love with all of them but my heart skips a beat every time I look and listen to Harry Styles. He is so beautiful! Unfortunately, I have never been able to go to one of their concerts because of my busy schedule which really puts a damper on everything. I pray that one day I will get to meet "my boys." I will do everything and anything to meet them. It is my dream, literally MY DREAMS like every night. Sounds a bit ridiculous but it is so true. 2 years ago my life took a complete toll on me when I lost my 20 year old brother, Kyle due to a drinking and driving accident. I was absolutely stuck and confused. I knew nothing would ever be the same and still to this day they are not but watching you brings so much happiness in my life. Listening to One Direction always puts me in such a happy, smiley mood.So thank you for bringing out the sunshine in my life. I watch Ellen all the time and it gives me goosebumps as well as hope watching people meet their inspirations and I always say a prayer that it will be me one day on your show meeting you, one of my biggest inspirations, as well as One Direction. If this doesn't work, seemingly how I have bad luck with this kind of stuff, I am going to try to start something to get a lot of people to help me get the chance of meeting my boys. Please help me Ellen. You are truly a blessing and I look up to you everyday and will continue to the rest of my life.