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Karol Baumeister
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About Me I have a dream to be a Pixar voice over artist. I have worked in higher ed for 11 years and now I am ready to pursue my dreams. Life is short!
Karol Baumeister
Quote of the Day: 'Finding Dory'
483 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Congratulations on Finding Nemo Part II. I know you are someone who can make dreams come true! My dream is to work in animated movies! I was very close to working for Disney in 2008 when my contact was let go after 35 years of being there. His name was **** Cook. My ultimate goal would be to work for Pixar! I was told by agents in 2008 that I am in the right business, but they are only hiring siblings of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Ellen, I don't need to be the star, I would love to play a fish or algae. I have a great demo and was recently laid off after 11 years from my job at a college. Every week I do voice overs for radio commercials for below minimum wage to keep my craft going. MY DREAM WOULD BE TO PLAY A PART FOR PIXAR. I to have a vision board. I loved your persistence in getting your dream out! I figured I have nothing to loose by asking you for help!