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Karla Luckow
Name Karla Luckow
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Hobbies Riding Motorcycle, Computer repair and play, crocheting, cooking & baking. And I Love to Learn.
About Me I am a 44 year old Mother of 5 Grandmother of 4 and wife of 1 (for 23 yrs). I am a positive person with a good sense of humor who puts Love above all else. I Love unconditionally and sometimes when I probably shouldn't but it's who I am. Love Ya Ellen.
Karla Luckow
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593 days ago

Oh Ellen, How I tried to go to YouTube and watch to find that one, but my computer is WAY to slow to try and watch videos, your 7 1/2 min video too 23 minutes with all the break ups and that wasn't even half way through.. :( sigh... So, you'll have to put up with me here. <3

Karla Luckow
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594 days ago

GetGlue Question? On the "how to win information it links to GetGlue, No one can find ANY information that there have been any winners from there? Can you help us out with info on this? Thanks for your help. :)

Karla Luckow
Halle Berry and a Spider
641 days ago

It was Hilarious! That face Halle made was priceless. :)