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Karin Gelinas
Name Karin Gelinas
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Age 44
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Hobbies Camping, reading, sewing (my designed bags), and hanging out with my guy (yes this is a hobby if you do it all time and you love it even after a short 6.5 yrs :)
About Me Hmmmm, not good at this...... I'm a Libra - does this work???? I love fearsly, I'm stubborn but truly do not mean or intend to be it's just a DNA thing, love all animals - dogs especially (lost my baby almost a year ago and testing feelings of guilt re: getting another - don't want to upset my puppy in heaven) and truly with all honesty can be a very lazy person.
Karin Gelinas
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
557 days ago

I absolutely love all of your shows Ellen, however; being a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel's as well, I was in pure comedic heaven watching the two of you together!!! Loved his observation regarding young guy who indeed "did not help the lady" and received the generous gift of $500 smackaroos :).

Cheers Karin