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Karen Willis
Name Karen Willis
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Hobbies I like reading, doing cross stich and spending as much time as possible, with my 17 year old grand daughter!
About Me I was trying to get into your contest for the 12 days of Christmas lurry but only word I saw pop up was candy cane and it was one of your 3 choices1?! About me, I am 64 and was diagnosed with MS in 1980. I have the regressive/progressive form, so I never know when I might just fall, or loose my eye sight. With the support of my very loving husband we manafe each day one at a time. Right now I'm on my 3rd injecable medicine, & it seems like it is helping me rebuild my muscle strength. My physical Therapist suggest water aerobics, & I have gotten more muscle strenth & co-ordinatio,with that 3 days a week. I did't get to have Christmas in 2010. While we were visiting my son & his family, in Denver, and was was rushed to the hospital. They found no brain abnormalties, but had to spend several more days there than planned;however, we did enoy the girls a little longer. 2011 was alot more serious. We lost our home and had to put everything in storage, & now live in a 30 Ft 5th wheeler, which, to be completely honest,gets a little cramped at times. Then co,es Christmas of 2011 and we went to ,y son;s home, about fifty miles away, and as I was getting out of the car, with smll dog on a leash, she saw my son''s dog and yank her leash out of my hand causing me to fall backwards hitt the curb with my full weight, and broke my hip. once again I was rushed to the hospital, where they took me into surgery immediately, and that is the last thing I can remember. They had me on a morphine drip plus fiving me my MS meds & I lost 5 days of my life. Family have told me I was very talkitive, when I was awake, my 16 year old gran daughteer says I tried to set her up on a date with a 27 year old male nurse! I remember none of it!! So, this year, my husband was going to wrap me up in bubble warp and seccure it with duct tape!!! he, didn't really, but I did stay in one place and really was waited on hand and foot, which was kind of nice. I'd really like to win your 12 days of Christmas Flurries, so I can give my 3 grand daughters, 2 sons & my hubby something special, for all their help care & love that theyve show me. We are a retired coup;\le, living on social security, so theres not much left for gifts. Thank you Ellen for offering this chance to win some prizes and I really respect what you do for people, every day of your life. Sincerely, Karen Willis
Karen Willis
The One and Only Rihanna!
575 days ago

I tried to play the 12 days of Christmas Flurry give away and the only word I saw pop up was candy cane, which was not on your list, of 3 choices. What's up? Karen