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About Me I am a retired Mother,Wife,Grandmother and Best Friend. We spend as much time with our Gradchildren as we can. We have three little Great Granddaughters who live in Florida thatwe have never seen in person. Try and keep up with them on Facebook. Welove all of our Family,and I have a Dream that one Thanksgiving or Christmas I will have them all sitting around my Dining room table in the near future...
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597 days ago


Hi Ellen! I hope this is done right. So many rules to remember, no wonder kids text. I can not even do that.So enough about me. I know this is your favorit time of year, because it shows on your face and one can tell it comes from your heart! Everytime you give a gift! You make life so happy for so many people everyday. I would love to see you get a gift that you were not expecting on TV. I get excited for all the people that you give to. I also just want to wish you and Porsha the best this holiday season. We love you!!! or if you just feel like calling me, 509 238-4579 or if I am out 509 720-4770 Just Saying!!!! Karen

Wanda's Trip to the Aquarium
597 days ago

Hi Ellen, just writing to say hello. Just watched the Sea Hawks beat the Bears..Yeaaa So I hope you have a wonderful week as I am sure you will. This is the week of 12 days of Christmas! Just watching you give so many wonderful gifts this time of yearis so much fun. Your face says it all, that it comes from your heart. Ellen you are a one of a kind person where it shows on your face how much you like giving!!!! We love you Ellen, mostly because you bring so much joy everyday into so many homes. Keep on keeping on. Karen Templeton or you can call me anytime 509 238-4579 509 720-4770 Just Saying!!!