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karen swiger
Checking in with an Old Friend
435 days ago

Dear Ellen, This is my first time writing and I hope you and your staff can feel my heart is pure in hoping something can be done for my friend Julie. I first met Julie working the night shift at a Trauma Center in Florida, I, an RN and she, a Registration specialist. We often were the only ones in the direct line of fire, so to speak, and came to depend on each other heavily during the long 12 hours we spent together. I came to learn that Julie was a divorced, abused woman who was raising her son alone, getting no support from the father or her family. She was so very proud, tough New England background. She came to me one night and asked me if it was normal to have a blank spot in her field of vision. I told her she needed to have it checked. Later she came to me and told me she had to go to Miami to the EYE Center as it was cancer. I remember asking who was going with her and she said she would drive herself as she had no-one locally. I told her then that she would never have to face this alone, and she immediately became my little sister, her son Kenneth, became our son. I made sure that Julie never had to drive that horrible drive from the "Space Coast" to Miami by herself if she was getting treatments. I also made sure that she finally told her remaining family that she had gotten such a frightening diagnosis. I was very honored when Julie made me and my husband Kenny's guardians if anything happened to her, but, I knew in my heart that she would come through with flying colors because God had plans for her still.
Julie finished all her treatments at the Miami Eye Institute and made the decision to move back to the Boston area where her brothers live as Kenneth was getting older and needed a male influence. Ken has been very active in Scouting and Attained the highest rank of EAGLE SCOUT this past year. I was a very proud pseudo-mom, able to attend the ceremonies and visit for a few days. I was so sad to see how Julie and Kenneth were living, though. I goaded her into moving into an apartment of her own as soon as one was available that she could handle, which she has done. The problem is her car, Ellen. Julie is driving a vehicle that is nearly 14 years old and falling apart. She is working 2 jobs to make ends meet and I feel guilty and somehow responsible. Since she has moved, I have gotten ill and cannot work, and have exhausted our savings. I just pray that somehow, someway, there is a miracle-worker who can help my Julie with a car. She is so kind, deserving, loving and would do anything for anyone. Kenneth is going to the scouting High Adventure Camp Philmont in New Mexico this summer and the Troop has elected to pay for his trip as he is the neediest kid. He is also the most deserving, loving, helpful kid. He truly embodies the spirit of the oath of Scouts. I wish with all my heart that you could meet them both. They would touch your heart, as they have become embedded in mine.
Ellen, I feel you bring so much love and laughter to millions of people every day, including myself. I hope you will consider the possibility of brightening my friend Julie's life. She really needs some help and would NEVER, EVER ASK.
I thank you, from the bottom of MY heart !
Karen Swiger.