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Karen Segee
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Ellen, first I hope you are feeling better. You want some laughter.... I have embarrassed myself on a few occasions through the recent years.
My new boyfriend and I were at the house and I asked him if he wanted a heni meaning Heineken beer and he said I never thought it would come to this so quick in the relationship. LOL
Then within the same day, I stated "It's all good" it's all behind me...He laughed until he cried.
Another man I had been dating for over 8 years and kept saying will you marry me but never would commit or give me a ring...gave me a Smith & Wesson for Christmas and I wanted to shoot him....Hence the new boyfriend. LOL
I did play the ultimate prank on my boss (Randy) many years ago when I called in sick (which I had never done in the past) and stated that I had an eye problem and could not see coming in. He has never forgotten that one. (I was outside his office window watching his response) LOL
Then there was the April fools which I played on him regarding "Call Mr. Lyons" It is urgent and gave the number of the Zoo. (He was a high executive at Universal Studios Orlando). Hence again I am not there. Just kidding LOL I did leave on my own and we still remain really good friends.
I hope you giggled on one of them...All the best. =) Karen