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Karen Reichelt
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About Me I am 44 years old, I have 2 beautiful children, a son (Alex) 22 and daughter (Ashleigh) 17, my husband of 24 years is Rick (48) I, along with my husband (attempt) to manage our sons band, 'Take Us To Vegas', I absolutely love going to their gigs and listening to music and being around young people, it keeps Rick and I both young at heart. The band is going very well at present, we toured in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales last year and have more touring planned for a little later in the year. Hoping to head over to the US also, but we will have to see what eventuates. I work crazy hours, often up til after midnight, but I always stop and have lunch and watch your show, you are so inspirational, so giving, we need many more people in the world like you. As I said in my email, you make me smile.
Karen Reichelt
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
542 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I am your biggest Aussie fan, you absolutely make my day, I adore your sense of humour, you continually make me laugh. I look forward to midday every Monday to Friday, I’m devastated when the cricket is on instead of your show, how dare they!!!

I would dearly love to come to your show with my mum and sisters. My eldest sister ‘Marlene’ was adopted out at birth, and we have only found out/met her about approx. 15 months ago. My mum (single at the time, in a small country town and from a strict Catholic Family) fell pregnant at 20 years of age, and was shipped off to Melbourne (city) Victoria to a Single Mothers Refuge, to wait out her pregnancy, while her friends had been told that she had gone to Melbourne for her Nursing Studies.

My Mum had 3 visits from her family during the 6 months. When Mum delivered ‘Marlene’ she wasn’t allowed to hold her, and only given a quick glimpse. (This was so cruel – it explains now why Mum loves being around little children and babies – she is the best Nanna) Mum was then taken back to her small country town, and having the baby was NEVER discussed EVER AGAIN. My Mum married 2 years later, and she kept this secret to herself (only her parents,brother and sister and their partners knew) for 41 years, until the day ‘Marlene’ tracked Mum down and made contact. It was such an emotional time, it made sense why Mum had been such a nervous person. Our Dad was so supportive. My Mum has really come to life, it is beautiful.

‘Marlene’ asked many questions and mentioned that she was soon going into hospital to have a stint put in her brain, she had a brain aneurism, and the current stint had collapsed. This was devastating for us, Mums mother had died at 62 of a brain aneurism. It was hereditary, and ‘Marlene’ was only just finding this out.

Mum had finally been reunited with her daughter, but was in fear of what may happen with the aneurism. Marlene’s surgery was scheduled and unfortunately the first attempt was unsuccessful, the aneurism was in further than had been anticipated, surgery had to be held off, and reassessed by the specialists. This took several months, all the time Marlene was suffering horrendous headaches, with no relief. Finally surgery was rescheduled in the later part of 2012, this went well and Marlene came out almost headache free. Her medication had been cut down to blood thinning tablets.

Then in October/November 2012(I think) late at night, Marlene was suffering with another horrendous headache, thankfully Marlene had the sense to call the ambulance ‘000’, she then collapsed. The Ambo’s had to break in, Marlene was then raced off to intensive care to be put into an induced coma for 3 to 4 weeks, her blood had thinned too much and her aneurism was bleeding, this also was in too deep and couldn’t be operated on, meaning she had to try and heal herself, and the coma was the best option. It was touch and go for the first couple of days. It was a very worrying time.

My Mum and Dad, drove 5 hours to Melbourne, stayed at one of my brothers and would go to the hospital to sit with Marlene, day in day out. This was only the 2nd time Mum had got to be with Marlene, since the first contact, unfortunately it wasn’t under the best cir***stances. But Mum treasured every minute she got to spend with her, also getting the opportunity to meet Marlene’s sons and her adopted Dad and sister and families.

Marlene had several weeks of rehab, as she had also suffered a stroke. Amazingly, she has fully recovered. She has been given the all clear to return to work at the beginning of March. Marlene has been a little down in the dumps since getting out of hospital, having to have her head shaved at the front for surgery (having long blonde hair, being clippered in part) and also having to make some lifestyle changes. Her licence being taken off her for several months, which now limits the amount of times she can go visit her boys. She has some wonderful friends that help look after her. Jude and Janet to name a couple.

I think your show would be just the ticket to spark her spirits up. I know for sure, it would certainly be an amazing experience to be out with Mum and all her girls.
Lorraine (Mum) Marlene, Leanne (Marlene’s adopted sister), Karen (Me), Janet and Susan

Thankyou for coming to Australia and giving us this amazing opportunity Ellen xx