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Karen Reed
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About Me I'm that girl who always asks for the window seat ;D
Karen Reed
Find Out About Ellen's Toys!
218 days ago

It's so amazing to see how advanced toys have become. I especially love those Flutterbye Fairies. I laughed watching Ellen test it! The kid sounds really smart when he explained all those toys.

Karen Reed
The Incredible Peyton Robertson
246 days ago

Hi Ellen! I love love love your show! You are so smart and funny! Perfect combination! I saw this link from a friend's timeline, and I have to say I am totally amazed by Peyton. What a smart kid! I try to recall what I was doing when I was that young, and I'm sure it was not inventing stuff! His sandbag invention is like awesome! Can we like manufacture that already and use it when another storm threatens the country or other countries for that matter?