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Karen Persinger
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591 days ago

Ellen I have to say these days are just heart breaking with what has just happen to all the childrea and adults. I thought my life and days were bad but I still have my children and grandkids and that I am very thankful.What I wanted to say is when I watch your show that is my HAPPY HOUR with out any booze.I love you for all you do and stand for and I wish all people would listen to what you say at the end of every show ( BE NICE TO EACH OTHER ) and maybe all this crazy stull would STOP.

Karen Persinger
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John! Day 3 of 12 Days!
604 days ago

Ellen I have had a few rough years and I get down alot but I have to tell you I watch you every day and I know at least I will get to laugh and smile for a hour. Just wanted to tell you I love you and your show and to Thank You for a happy hour every day and it does not include booze.