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Karen Mann Ayres
Name Karen Mann Ayres
Location Smyrna, TN
Age 44
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Hobbies I love to watch Ellen,Tyler Perry movies, and do activities with my children whom I never see and it breaks my heart. I love watching movies, fishing, camping, swimming, wish I had a boat :), listening to music, singing, etc...
About Me I am a 43 yr old single mother of 3 children, 2 young men, 26 and 23, and a young lady, which just turned 18 Aug. 26th. I have survived my parents and all my grand parents and I have two sisters older than me and 3 grand daughters. The only one out of all my family I ever get to see is the daughter, Cheyanne, who lives with me. All the others live in another state except my oldest sister who is about an hour from me and sadly to say I still only see her about every year or two because I can't afford to travel to see any of them. So Ellen brings a smile to my face, something that rarely happens. I love a lot of different genres of music but I have to say country is still my roots. I am originally from Alabama and I have been in Tennessee for 14yrs since my divorce. I have been at a local Dollar General now for 3yrs and just was promoted to a manger/key holder position and I am trying to get as many hours into work as possible but still not even getting 40 a wk. I have health issues but I will strive to be the best mother and grandmother I can be and I will work until I no longer am able to.I feel like I'm rambling so I'm gonna shut it up and just say Thank you Ellen you are a inspiration and you bring joy to my life. I love you.
Karen Mann Ayres
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315 days ago

I love no other Talk Show or Host more than I do you Ellen you are the BEST and one of my goals to achieve in this life before I die, is to be on your show in any way possible...I Love You and NOT in a stalking type way either lol I just think you are awesome and no one else could do the same things you do or say the same things you do and be able to make it rock like only YOU can do. I pray I hear from you and I have a link to an awesome video that you might have seen before I don't know but I wanted to share it with you and Thank you for all the smiles you have brought to my face :)
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Karen M. Ayres