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Karen Kuech
Name Karen Kuech
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Hobbies I love to make people smile when I create ART in "sugar" that is, anything edible on a cake, cookie, or sweet treat. That is the best gratification ever! I love to cook, but find baking is such a science that you have to get it right...that's a challenge.
About Me I grew up in a blue collar family, never asked for much and was always thrilled with whatever gifts came my way. Once I found a quarter in the sand when I was 10 when we vacationed on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, and knowing it wasn't mine, I went around to everyone that was leanig back in their adirondack chairs, if it was theres. When no one claimed it, I felt funny, but I did keep it and gave it to church on Sunday. I lost one of my best friends, my brother, when I was 19 and he was off-base in San Antonio and involved in a freak accident. He was electrocuted accidentally and his hands were the highest when the power jumped and touched the antenna he and 4 others were installing. The others all had children and received second and third degree burns. What is ironic, my father lost his only son and my Dad was a employed for over 30 years as a lineman, then Supervisor for PSE&G the local NJ electric company. The night my brother died, I received a call from my sister, and to this day regret that I could not get to her. She is 5 years younger than me and I can't imagine how alone she felt as my parents grieved with the news...I was involved in a relationship and in the 70's men had such unofficial power and Archie Bunker ruled. Even though I paid for half of the car, and all of our furnishings, I was not able to use the car to get to my sister. This inhumane person had an ear infection and would not drive me. Instead of helping me with my grief, he fell asleep and I cried for hours til daybreak when he would drive me to my parents home. That has been the most horific wound on my soul to this day. My parents hae always been upbeat, giving and loving people and I very much their daughter in that regard. I enjoy life, and know how precious it really is. I am grateful for whatever I have, and am so thankful for my family. I know that my brother has been watching over my two sons since the day they were born because these two have done some very interesting and dangerous events in their lives. They are amazing, and I know that brother Bill has been there with them. I know that he has been with me, too, though. I think he crashed my computer 11 years ago and only let one man through to me electronically...I married him 9 years ago, and he has definitely changed my life is really surreal and special every day. I am truly grateful.
Karen Kuech
Ho Ho Ho
608 days ago

(the title) seems to be a popular name during the holiday season, however, it is the same name as many an ex-husband's new wife....I think some use it year round.