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karen king
Name karen king
Age 55
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Hobbies i love to decorate houses,movies,dnt know always do for others instead
About Me iam 53 a widow,have 3kids and 1 grandson and 6 stepgrandkids but i see them as just mine. i want to go back to school and get my ged and go to college and get into interior design, i put everything a side for others and never got too,but i wouldnt change a bit,i have a truck that will be paid for in may and then i can fix it and also save up for my nissan altima that i have always wanted and one day i will,as i always say dont never give up no matter what,if u fall dwn pick ur self up and go again
karen king
Usher, Amanda Seyfried, and Day 9 of 12 Days!
589 days ago

Ellen I would like to wish you and your family and friends a very merry christmas. You do so much for others you have the gift and iam very pleased to see you on the tv,you bring joy and laughter in everyone you meet. You bring out the best in others,I wished a whole of people in this world could be like you there wouldn't be so much haterd and negativeity. I dnt spell very good. and usher his song scream oh my god thats the song...tyou for taking time out to read this and a merry christmas like the miracle on 34th street and the one with jimmy stewart when u here a bell a angel got its wings and u have ur wings already....