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Karen Jensen
Name Karen Jensen
Age 55
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Hobbies reading, writing, talking on skype with my lady
About Me I live in Burnie Tasmania. I am 54 years young. I am a proud mum and grandma. I am going back to school this year to study certificate 3 in Information, media design and technology. I write poetry most mornings to start my day in a positive way.
Karen Jensen
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
548 days ago

Hi my name is Karen. I live in Burnie Tasmania, Australia. I would love to go to Melbourne or Sydney to see your show. I am a mum and a grandma. I have three adult children and five grandchildren. I am 54 years young. I have been watching the show for quite sometime now probably not the ten years it has been on but long enough to remember when you and Portia married. I was so proud of you. I am like Portia. I too have an American wife. She lives in Puyallup Washington.