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You did such a great job with the young man who had been denied an eagle scout award after completing all the work! We almost saw a change but then conservative groups lobbied for and won a delay. A vote will take place at the council meeting in May. I tried today to find out who my council voting members are and was told by a council representative (via Facebook posts) that volunteer information is private. I can understand that.

But I want to make sure that people know (all people - not just current scouting families) that the national scouting website is accepting feedback on the first page of its website, There are so many families who haven't joined scouts because of the bigotry of the top leadership. In fairness to them, you should know that these top leaders are good and otherwise kind people who have devoted hours of their lives to the scouting program. They hold views, often because of how they interpret or are told to interpret their religions, that I disagree with but at this point, I do not think we can change how they think. The proposed policy change allowed for troops to form their own policies. That would be a huge change - for many troops already operate without prejudice but in a don't ask, don't tell environment.

Everyone should comment. I have three sons in scouting. So far as I know, all three are straight. But the prejudice hurts us too. It exposes my sons to intolerance. It makes them part of the don't ask, don't tell environment. It confuses them because the values I teach are not the same as those taught by an organization that has given them such amazing opportunities. And it keeps many of their friends out of scouting because many families won't let their sons (and daughters over 14 as Venturers) be part of an intolerant group.

Scouting teaches amazing values - the 12 parts of the law are values I want for my sons:
A Scout is:

and Reverent.

Please let your viewers know that this is a great time to let the scouting organization know that we want to take scouts forward so that all of us can join and be scouts with pride.

Also, a link to the amazing episode of "The New Normal" might help. They did a great job of showing the benefits of scouting in a fun and respectful way - and of showing the hurt caused by current policy.

Thanks and I love your show!

Karen Harrison, A Scout Mom of 3 in Virginia