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Karen Fadely
Name Karen Fadely
Location Anderson, Indiana
Age 52
Joined 315 days ago
Hobbies Elton John concerts, playing with grand kids!!!
About Me I'm a 52 year old, married to the most amazing person in the world(besides you Ellen) Brian. Biggest Elton John fan ever( besides my sisters)! I'm a CT tech at a hospital and my grand kids are my greatest joy!
Karen Fadely
Elton John, Lauren Graham
305 days ago

My sisters and I have seen Elton over 70 times in concert and we have the GREATEST outfits to honor The Diving Board and we are excited to "dive in" and wear them at the Chicago show!!! Thanks Ellen for having our idol on your show!!! We always love to watch you but Wednesday will be especially exciting for us!!!

Karen Fadely
Ray Romano, Aldrich Talonding
315 days ago

Today's show was a roller coaster of emotions!!! The boy from the Philippines had me bawling my eyes out one minute, and Ray Romano had me cracking up the next!!! EXCELLENT as usual!!! Thanks for the good cry, and the hearty laugh!!!