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Karen Doherty
Name Karen Doherty
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Hobbies Running, socialising
About Me I'm a member of An Garda Siochana which I love. I love to socialise. I'm with my partner for the last four and a half years and who I truly love and adore. She is amazing.
Karen Doherty
Justin Timberlake Record Party
298 days ago

Hi Ellen we travelled to Burbank from Ireland to try and get on your show last week. We applied for tickets, we emailed and commented on your website to no avail for tickets. Just wondering if you need to be an American citizen to be in the audience of your show? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks Lisa and Karen. P.S. we love the show :-)

Karen Doherty
Message from Ellen
312 days ago

Hello Ellen from Ireland we are heading to LA this coming Wednesday. I applied for tickets to be members of your audience for Thursday 19th Sept without success. Would love if you could make it happen as we are your biggest fans on this island and we purposely added LA on our itinerary to see your show so no pressure. Hope to hear from you soon if not we will be the two leprechauns outside your studio. Slan agus ta suil le cloisteail uait go luath.