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Karen Ann Giardelli
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About Me A kind hearted person. Love the beach, listening to music and spending time with my girls. Life had been a whirlwind, starting the next chapter in my life. A Tupperware Consultant since 1993, and still loving it! I thank God for my many blessings.
Karen Ann Giardelli
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188 days ago

In regards to your Tupperware lid problem. Most bowls have a capital letter at the bottom you can match that letter to the letter on the lid, this letter is large enough to notice. Also, running the lid under hot water to soften it, dry and stretch onto the bowl. I also suggest to my customers after you are done using the bowl, wash and dry it and the lid, put the lid on and keep it on overnight, this will help for the lid to stretch and fit next time. That is why Tupperware Parties are so popular, you gather some great tips along with the fun!