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Name Karen
Location Buenos Aires, Ramos Mejía
Age 22
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Hobbies Learning English, watching ellen episodes, watching movies, teaching English, playing volleyball, dancing, singing.
About Me Hello! My name is Karen. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I'm 21 years old. I have a beautiful boyfriend. His name is Ezequiel. He's 22. We've been best friends since we were 13. In November it's going to be three years since we are dating. We are not living together because we can't pay a house to live in or rent. Things are really difficult in Argentina. But we are earning money to do so. That's why, for now I live with my mother and sister. My mom is Betty. She's 46. And my sister's Erika. My father left us when I was 10. So, my mother raised us. At the age of 33, my mother started to study to be a Literature teacher while she worked as a waitress to bring food to our table. It was really difficult for us just eating soup or "Embaipuí" which is a mix of flour, milk, water and sometimes a little bit of tiny pieces of meat. But after a few years, my mum took my sister and me to a few English classes. My sister didn't get it but I just loved it ! We did just a month because my mum couldn't afford for it any more. So, I decided to study it. I looked for every and each single English book that I could find in a library - because, of course, we didn't have a computer - and I started to learn it by my own. I started to read it, to listen to it, to understand it. I used to watch FOX series to get vocabulary and pronunciation. I remember I saw the subtitles and the way in which the actor or actress pronounced the words. It was quite difficult to learn an entire new language by my own, without no one helping. And I know that I have a lot to improve on, but now that I'm working and I bought a computer, I can practise my English every single day by watching every Ellen episode that I can find on Youtube. It's amazing to see how Ellen helps people. It brings me so much happiness. While I watch her episodes I can get really emotional and cry for hours or I can laugh hysterically. Mostly laughing. It's like ... we can still hoping for a better place. I'm so proud that in world so corrupted and empty we can still find someone like her. I have 5 dreams in life: to have a beautiful family; to help my mother to finish our house; to have my own house and a car; to visit the USA and the UK; and to go to an Ellen show and give her a MATE! I promise that one day, I'll do so. I'm a positive person and I know that I will someday. So, see you soon, Ellen. Thank you so much for giving us so much joy. Keep being an inspiring person. I love you ! Karen.
Simon Cowell, Fifth Harmony
244 days ago

Oh my godness ! I would love to see Simon. I love him ! And Fifth Harmony, they are just brilliant !

Time Flies
247 days ago

Why did I write Allen? lol !

Time Flies
252 days ago

You're so amazing allen ! I LOOOOOOOOOVE all your monologues ! You're so funny !!