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Name Karen
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Message from Ellen
297 days ago

Ellen, I'm confined to my home for 5 weeks due to foot surgery.
It's quite a change from being on my feet working every day.
There are two good things about this, one I'm getting my foot fixed
And two, I get to tune you in every day! I look forward to 4:00 each day.
I really enjoy your show. You are amazing.
Thanks for all you do.

Sean Hayes and Jillian Michaels
548 days ago

I'm not very happy my local tv station is showing golf instead of Ellen

Message from Ellen
554 days ago

Due to the winter weather today in Michigan I'm home with a snow day.
I'm so glad because I can watch Ellen today. You make me laugh and cry with the
Kind things you do for people. I'd love to see you in person some day, maybe in
Australia! Have a wonderful birthday. Continue doing what you do. You always
Brighten my day!!