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Karen Gilbert
Name Karen Gilbert
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Hobbies Singing and cooking
About Me I am 47 years old, single woman, love, love all doggies, I have no children, unless you count my my two lovely doggies, which I do... I am a beautiful woman, full figured and love to laugh... I sing in my church choir and I love it..
Karen Gilbert
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597 days ago

Dear Ellen, I really love your show and your loving and giving spirit... You take what was a sad experience and turn it into a joyous occassion.. You have brought smiles to a lot of people... I only wish I had the chance to experience tha tt.. Two years ago I was laid off my job and now I am unable to work, I lost my home and things have been totally awful.. You trully find out who your real friends are quickly... With no income and not really knowing where you lay your head with two, yes two doggies that I refuse to give , things were really bad... Even in the mist of all this, I still managed to watch your show, lol.... I love you for loving others, keep doing what you do.... You're great....

Karen Gilbert
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604 days ago

Ellen, I really enjoy you putting smiles on the people faces every time they are blessed by you... You have a great heart and some of the people may not be able to afford some of the gifts they may recieve from you and you bless them tremendously... There are not many people like you and I just want to say "THANK YOU".... I love you and your show, keep doing what you do and keep making us laugh....... Merry Christmas.....