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Kara O'Rourke
Name Kara O'Rourke
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Hobbies Kickboxing, Gymnastics, swimming with sharks, cooking
About Me Hey there Im Kara and Im from Melbourne Australia. I am a 27 yr old student currently enrolled in a bachelor degree of nutritional medicine. I am a personal trainer as well. I have a deep love for the natural health industry and I also love to cook and experiment with natural ingredients. My goal is to help change the way humanity consumes food and help save our eco system in the process. I am also a huge lover of sharks. I have swam with them (in a cage ofcourse) in Hawaii and my next mission is to swim with the great whites in South Australia. I absolutely love Ellen your energy, kind soul, your humour everything about you is amazing. I am also glad to hear you love Australia, please come back again.
Kara O'Rourke
Help Kyle Chandler's Daughter Stop Shark Finning!
184 days ago

Hi I am a little late to this blog. I am from Melbourne Australia and have had a love for sharks my whole life just like Sawyer. After watching 'Sharkwater' last year I couldnt get it out of my head it consumed my every thought. I have since spread the word on the internet and wrote a letter to my government searching for answers and proof that my country is doing something about. I even wrote to Ellen to possibly have Rob Stewart on her show. The survival of sharks is vital for the earths survival and I want to ask anyone who visits this blog to please tell as many people as possible about this movie. It will change your perception about sharks and motivate you to want to help them.