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Dearest Ellen, My name is Kara Mckennariey and 2 years ago i moved with my husband from America over to Brisbane, Australia. I am writing you today to tell you about my amazing husband and in hopes to see you if you get a chance to visit Brissie. Briefly, 4 1/2 years ago, i had moved to florida to make it out on my own and met my aussie husband who was working as a private chef on luxury yachts. After dating for a while, i joined him on this hardworking yet amazing journey aboard yachts as a stewardess, and we worked and travelled the world together. After moving here to begin our life together, we started a business and to be honest have had wonderful feedback and lots of support from our customers. About 7 months ago, i found out i was pregnant and our team of 2 turned into 1. Not only did i get incredible morning(noon, and night) sickness, i also have dealt with extreme anxiety. Being so far away from my comfort zone, comfort foods, and all of the people who would normally be there to understand and know me has not helped either. Therefore, my husband took on the entire load no questions asked. Ellen, his work ethic, drive, passion are unreal--ive yet to meet a person who works harder, he has even developed blood blisters on the bottom of his feet from standing too long(last week he worked a total of 94 hours!!). Not only does he take care of me, he is taking care of everything at our shop, running it and everything that comes along with owning a 1st business. I do everything i can do to help, but this time has been hard on us both. And through it all, we are so in love and get along so well against all odds. I want to give him the world and then some for all he has done for me and our unborn baby, he's such an amazing guy. A lovely, strong heart. Our shop has been a work in progress, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished.. we understand it takes time to get going, especially when we are in an area that is seasonally busy. Ellen-what i was wondering is if you'd like to come check us out and try our food. Dan's won many awards for his accomplishments and promise you won't be sorry. He also loves your show when he gets a chance to watch. We are starting a campaign to try and get more attention to the shop and hope that we could maybe get you in for lunch! Our shop is called Dannyboys Sandwich Bar, located in Kelvin Grove/ Brisbane. Casual, fun, and friendly. Please come in for lunch, we would love to have you and anyone else that wishes to come along...lunch is on us. Thank you for your time and for your inspiring ways. 2 years ago i began signing petitions online at care2causes to help get our planet and everything on it, in better shape and health. We use this philosophy at our shop as well. Food is a passion of ours and we believe it's time to get back to basics and to start being honest about the food we are serving each other and our community. Much is homemade at Dannyboys(bread, sauces, soups) and there are vegan options as well. Please consider us as a stop if you get the chance. Lots of love and thanks!! Kara Mckennariey