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Ellen, Please pick me and my family! I've wrote you many times and actually this time last year I got a call from Carrie Sullivan she works for you. She was calling in regards to my e-mail and asked me to send her pictures of my family and I and I did but I never heard back from her. I was so excited I cried when she called and had high hopes of coming to your show! This year has been a rough year for me, I actually sent you a long letter about everything that has happened. I have had three very painful surgeries was in the hospital a lot! I almost passed away b/c I developed pneumonia in my left lung and my lung bursted and was oozing with infection. I had to have two blood transfusions! We got really behind on all of our bills b/c my husband missed so much work to be with me in the hospital. I owe soo much in hospital/doctor bills it's crazy. I am back in school so that I can try to be successful for my families sake. I owe so much in school loans. I have been sick a lot lately b/c there is mold growing in my house in the bathroom and me and my daughter's are allergic to mold. My new years resolution is to say goodbye to 2012 and hope and pray that 2013 is a much better year! Please end this year with happiness for my family & I. I am just thankful to be here and to have such a wonderful family! I am also thankful for you because everytime I am feeling down I watch your show and you put a smile on my face, when I was in the hospital the only time I watched t.v. is when your show came on. Everytime I see you do such wonderful things for other families I cry because I feel so happy for them! You are an amazing person and I hope one day I can help others out like you do, you inspire me and I look up to you! Even if I don't get picked I will be happy for whoever else gets picked! Everyone in this world goes through hard times and whoever gets picked is very lucky! You are an amazing person and I can not stress that enough! I love you Ellen, you are my idol!