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Name Kamron
Location Akron, Ohio
Age 13
Joined 194 days ago
Hobbies I love to sing and act.
About Me I live in akron Ohio I love to sing and act and work at my public library i the summer I want to be the kind of kid to make it to college and be successful in my life. thank you and have a blessed day.
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194 days ago

Hello Ellen my name is Kamron Mathews
I am a black African American who lives in Akron Ohio
I am here today to ask a favor of you I have been wanting to sing and act since I don't know how long. May I include that I am a very great singer who
Could make it worth the while. I have always wanted to work for Disney channel but my family just doesn't have a lot of money to do this. All u am asking is for you to help me with my career an get a acting agent o any pick and to help my family with our money problems i may just be 13 years old but I would love for this to happen thank you and have a blessed day.