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Kailyn Arthur
Name Kailyn Arthur
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Hobbies Singing, Acting, Basically any other forms of art. Writing, and hanging out with my friends. Camping,paddling(canoe or kayak), going on smile hikes, rollerblading(although I'm not good),Riding my bike( when it's not broken),Photography, taking care of my little sister(even if we argue),reading,laughing and having a good time.
About Me I'm Kailyn I have WAY TOO MANY hobbies and passions to count. My main ones are Singing and Acting. I love Twitter. You may think I'm quirky but that's an incorrect term, the word you're looking for is crazy ;) I love my Family and friends. Yes I'm a Directioner. No I am not one of THOSE directioners. What I mean by that is, Everything coming out of my mouth isnt one direction. I really luv them but I'm not obsessive.I love old and new music because I have Older parents than most people. Fan of The Beatles :) And Many Many other musicians from my parents time and my own. One day I hope to be HAPPY and not like just happyish but fully without a doubt happy. I hope that one day I can maybe do the things I love for a living,but that may only be wishful thinking. Thats about it. At least for now.