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Kaela Blanco
Name Kaela Blanco
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Hobbies Soccer(everday all the time) writing,singing, Drama, Comedy,and last but not least Disneyland! plus the Ellen Show
About Me Im a big dreamer. That's why Disneyland is my favorite place on earth. I want to help make people's dreams come true, make them happy, so laugh, cry..etc. I would love to be an entertainer. Someday i will work at the Disneyland resort(like Steve martin did) and my entertaining career will start there!
Kaela Blanco
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344 days ago

Hello Ellen! I don't know if this will work or not but i wanted to give it a try. I am 17 years old and i wanted to talk to you about my parents. My parents need a vacation badly.My dad works 12 hour workdays, 7 days a week on his hands and Knee's.The work he does is killing his body. They have sacrificed so much for us. My parents have helped us fulfill our needs and dreams and I want to fulfill theirs. My dad is a fantastic chef, and he's always wanted to be a professional. I came up with a food truck idea. He love's food trucks and cooking.Plus he can take it anywhere with him and they can travel together with their food truck! I want to get my parents out of their hard labored jobs and into some of their dreams.I have some great ideas(if you want to hear them let me know;)I really want to do this for them and see them happy and not exhausted after a hard day at work. Ellen, you change people's lives everyday and I was hoping you could help me change my parents lives Theyaremyheros