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Kadett Derry
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
172 days ago

I see all of these other post and my heart goes out to them. I wish I could do more for them. I am in the military and proudly serve. I am so thankful for this wonderful country and the freedoms we have.
Often time’s people call me and my fellow military Soldiers heros. I always tell them thank you and that it is an honor to serve them and this great country. I always tell them I could not do it without my wife. She is my unsung hero.
She is the person I depend on when I deploy. It is never easy to leave my family, but knowing she is staying firm and raising my children brings me peace of mind when all around me the world seems chaos.
During the past few years, she continues to reach out to those around her. She opens our home to strangers and never asks for things in return. Once it was a neighborhood kid, who felt lost in his own home and needed a loving family, another was a lady and her two children, whose husband was in jail and she was evicted from her home, another, her sister and then later her brother as they both went through their divorce. Through it all, she continues to help and to give where she can.
With these things alone, I am in awe. However, what most people don't know is the disease of anxiety she suffers with. When at times she is soo overwhelmed she cannot leave the bedroom. The countless times I have seen her have an anxiety attack and then curl into a ball and I wonder if she will find her way back. When I am there I feel so helpless, when I am not there, I ask her mother to be there, so she can feel helpless in my stead. My kids have learned the warning signs and we drop what we are doing to help her. Ellen, I am in awe of her and the love she continues to share when she herself is in such need. She fights to not let things get her down. Sometimes she wins... other time she loses.
I would like to spoil my wife, really spoil my wife for all that she is and does for me and others. She needs a vacation. Someplace she can truly relax. It would be incredible if she felt like she didn't need to work for a year and take some time for her. Let her go to the gym get a personnel trainer. Let her follow our daughter as she journeys in her acting career. (Tom Hiddleston is her favorite). Thanks Ellen for all that you do and for partnering with people and companies like shutterfly to provide a breather from the trials of life.