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553 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I have tried to write in to your show at least 5 times now and never get a response, I know you are extremely busy but if you could find it in your heart to help out a faithful watcher (everyday), you have NO idea what that would mean to me and my family. You are an amazing woman for all the good you do and all the dreams you make come true. Sometimes when i'm watching you surprise a family, I cry for them, not out of envy but out of the generosity and human love you share with other people, and to see the faces on the people you so kindly help. I would love to be on that list, my husband thinks i'm crazy for writing sooo many times but I told him " You can't win if you don't watch and make your voice heard! I think that's something you would say. We live on the East coast in a little town in Massachusettes. Please help us, we didn't have a Christmas tree until, 2 days before christmas due to fianances and not much at all under the tree we got donated to us. Our car (1997) chevy cavalier is on it's last leg and we are really down on our luck, we are more than 5 mths behind on our rent, thank God we have an understanding landlord or we would have No place to go with our children. So this contest means a lot to me. Thank you for all you do and all the joy you give to others. keep up the amazing work, never change who you are and always DANCE!!! I hope to hear from you soon! All my love.
Justine Rubin

Ellen and Portia's Anniversary Skywriting Through the Years
678 days ago

Hi Ellen, very thoughtful of you to share your private photos with your fans. I watch your show everyday and you always put a smile on my face! I'm sure your 10th season won't disappoint, as usual. Here is wishing you many more seasons of your wonderful show and lots of love for you and Portia. Take care.

Justine :)