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Justine Rivard
Name Justine Rivard
Location Montreal, Quebec
Age 17
Joined 604 days ago
Hobbies Think about "Ellen" and getting lost in my woken dreams.
About Me I'm a really happy girl, who loves to laugh and enjoy life.. I really think that's due to Ellen, indirectly. She helped me with that, I think.. Haha :p One time I missed a show and I cried so hard. I felt so bad..
Justine Rivard
Wanda's Trip to the Aquarium
599 days ago

That was so hilarious!!

Justine Rivard
The Dirt on Hotels
601 days ago

Hi Ellen! I missed the best 20 first minutes of your show today, it didn't record. I've cried so hard. So thank you and to your staff for publishing some parts on your website and on Youtube. I promess to never miss it again.. You can't imagine how bad I felt..

Love, Justine xx