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Name Juna
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Hobbies Being kind Making Jewelry, cards, & bags Helping elderly friends
About Me I'm a mother and grandmother. I love family, nature, music and making people smile and laugh. I love watching beautiful moments. I LOVE watching ellen. I love playing practical jokes but only if they're not cruel.
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442 days ago

I am not sure what season my 2 favorite moments are in but they can still make me laugh even though I have watch them on youtube many times. I LOVE the call to Gladys when she says, "I love Jesus but I drink a little." My second favorite is when Ellen sings with Jennifer Hudson in the bathroom concert series. I showed these to a friend of mine who hadn't seen them (I know I know ~ you are asking why I have a friend that has never seen these). I told her to keep her eye on Ellen during the whole song with Jennifer. She ended up in her "embarrassing, I have lost control" laugh. It was great!! I also love anytime Ellen gets into her hard laugh. Oh ~ I also LOVE the halloween show where she scared someone behind the chair that was waiting to scare her. So great!!