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Juliette Arde'
Name Juliette Arde'
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About Me Love Horse riding, singing, talking to my friends, music, art, cooking, loving animals and reading.
Juliette Arde'
One Direction and Keira Knightley
266 days ago

Hello Ellen, Im Juliette Arde', you are so amazing cause you make everybodys dreams come true. I love one direction and i have not ever seen them in real life, i really want to see them desparetly. My friend Martina introduced the boys music to me and i fell in love with it. All i have ever wanted to do was to meet them, but mom and dad always said no. I always annoy them with their songs, just seeing that they might take me. They changed my life around cause they make fans laugh and feel happy, its just so amazing. Its been my dream to go and see the boys for real, ill be so happy if i did. I really want to take my friends, mother and sister to go and see them for real. I really dont want to waste my moms money by buying expensive tickets to see them. So can you make my dreams come true by helping me see them, please! Ill be so happy to see them for them if i go. Thanks so much Ellen, your so amazing! :)