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I have to say with regards to the "Bully" that wrote the e-mail, that I don't think it was meant to "bully" the TV personality. And although I think it was wrong for him to assume she doesn't live a healthy lifestyle and is obese through her own choice, he does make a point about obesity in our society today and for a lot of people it is a unhealthy choice and in some ways saying "it's ok to be fat" in general, is saying it's ok to have and maintain a unhealthy lifestyle. And where it was very wrong for him to assume this about her and point it out, I don't think it was meant to 'Bully' her or make her feel bad about herself but to make a point about how our kids today look up to people on TV, just like female actors who appear too thin (another possible unhealthy lifestyle) but you don't hear people standing up for the TV personalities who encounter that problem now do we?
Point being, this isn't bullying, it was someone making an assumption about someone based on how they look that isn't true, to create something constructive that reflects our society. People are taking this and running too far for the wrong reasons.