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Julie Young
Name Julie Young
Location Perth, WA
Age 56
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Hobbies Art, computer, taking Max for walks, meditation, cuppas
About Me G'Day! I am a fun loving, caring and compassionate person. I ring 3 mornings a week for Red Cross Telecross, to make sure unwell and elderley people are on their feet and feeling ok. I have been doing this for about 4 years now. When I came out of hospital 3 1/2 yrs ago, it was arranged that I get a call. When I was well enough, I decided to volunteer for them, as I much appreciated that call every morning. I have just in the last month, started to watch your show Ellen and I love the way that you bring so much happiness to people in need. One day, when I win Lotto, maybe I'll be able to do the same thing! By the way, I love it when you are in bright, cheery colours. It does make a difference - to me anyway! Good on yer Mate and enjoy your trip to Australia - pronounced Oss Stray Lee ah! Luv Julie & Max - Woof! xxxx
Julie Young
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'Do you think that this little pumpkin will know that we are her Guardian Angels in disguise?'

Julie Young
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Now listen here you - These are MY toys and if you budge an inch, I'll NEVER play with you again! Get it?