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Julie Weissman
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About Me I have two great children. My son is a paramedic and my daughter is in marketing. I work for Wileyx as a temp. My husband has worked really hard for Airgas for 35 plus years. I just want to know how u keep yr energy up. I'm the same age as u, was sick last year for six months, lost all my muscle tone, and I'm at a loss as to what I can do. After work, I can hardly get up off the couch let alone work out. And...I belong to a 24 hr. I love yr show. Watch it every day. Keep us happy.
Julie Weissman
Happy Presidents' Day!
157 days ago

Ellen, I'm the same age as u. How do u keep up ur energy. I watch u every day and can't believe yr energy level. I was sick for 6 months last year and lost a lot of muscle tone. I can't get the energy to bring it back to life. What's yr secret.