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Julie Van Vliet
Name Julie Van Vliet
Age 64
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Hobbies Scrapbooking Needlepoint Three wheel bike. Music.
About Me Nursery school teacher. Three grown. children. Synagogue
Julie Van Vliet
Message from Ellen
419 days ago

Please I want a kitchen make over please I write all the time. Have had plenty of rough times really need a kitchen make over you can read about me for the past six years. Not going to repeat again am 63 starting over have lost everything including almost our house barely holding on but teach nursery school and they with Ellen my mom who lives with me and doesn't know me all keep me going.

Julie Van Vliet
Ellen is Jet-Lagged
482 days ago

I was so excited when Ellen was going to
Australia I come home every day to watch her I have written many times before I am a caregiver to my mother who has Alzheimer's. I wrote how we lot everything so I am not going to repeat it. I am writing as I am disappointed because I was so excited about her trip and we are not seeing any of it. Why are we not seeing more of her trip? I was looking so forward to it. I come home there is just my mother my husband does not get home until 9PM he has to drive from Rochester he is looking for another job. Please let us see more of her trip. Thank you. Julie Van Vliet

Julie Van Vliet
Message from Ellen
506 days ago

Well Ellen you are almost off To Australia my teacher I work with in my nursery school is there for the wedding of her brother I hope you meet up with her in Sydney. She is there for a very orthodox wedding. I told her to look for you. I have written to you many times about my last five years of ups and downs - but you are a constant. But, I told Moussie that you will be in Sydney and so will you she and that would be fun to go to your show.
Crazy. Yes. But. Who knows. Have a great day and And a very very safe trip and a lot of fun.