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Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
248 days ago

Wow, I guess I should expect to see how many worthy people out there needs your help. I read a lot of them and my story probably won't compare to most. I would love to have the cousins or anyone finish a mans Basement. He works two jobs, Wal-Mart and a bus driver. He lost his wife around 12 years ago in a drowning accident. He has raised three girls, but is still helping them out, his youngest daughter 23 is the mother of my grand daughter who is 6 months old. My son lives with them. I's not the best living arrangements, but we were glad he let him move in. He lives in an unfinished basement, where he has started framing and sheet rocking. He is not experienced at it and he doesn't have the time. He is a part time college student, part time work at Columbia paint, and new father. I know between all of them they are trying to make things work. I feel bad for everyone involved. His girlfriend (Mother to my grand daughter) has diabetes. They wanted to get married in May, but my son says the way things are not to plain nothing. I know he made his own bed since I've always said, school marriage and then kids, so far he's working backwards. He is still in pre pharmacy and if and when he gets accepted the bills will be extremely high. I still work and try to help our with diapers and formula, I know her dad helps the most since I live farther way. Nicoles family is hard working and a very deserving family, the grandmother still works at wallmart, and has lives in a small house down the street. She has two grown up daughters live with her, a son and his wife and the wifes mother whom doesn't get along. They all have animals, she has them over for sunday dinner every week. It's just a sad situation, but they don't complain. This would make so many peoples Christmas if you could finish the basement. Thanks for considering this and I love the show, you do so much for so many, its just sad there are so many out there that is trying and struggling. Your my inspiration! It has taken years to even have my husband watch your show since he doesn't believe in your life style, but even he comments on how much you do for people. I know you probably didn't want to hear the last comment, but if my husband can say that you know it's a good thing.