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julie shannon
Name julie shannon
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About Me I am 43, a mom of 2 teenagers(help)and me and my daughter dvr ellen everyday. It's so funny to have 2 tv's with ellen going at the same time, maybe not the same episode, but dueling ellens', it great! My husband and i live apart right now and ellen keeps my spirits up!
julie shannon
You Write, Ellen Responds!
232 days ago

Ellen my love, I am writing to you because you are the move generous, loving, sweetest person ever!! Have I buttered you up enough yet? I am writing to ask a favor of you. You are involved with helping animals through PAL. Beth Stern, Howards wife is involved with North Shore Animal League, always trying to raise money. Her and Howard put a calender together, Howard did photos and Beth modeled with the animals. They're for sale on Howard and all the proceeds go directly to North Shore Animal League. Is there anyway you could purchase enough to do an audience give a way, or the network could buy enough to give them away to the audience one day to give a big push to collecting for the animals. I know you do so much already, but I also know how much you love animal, almost as much as me! Please consider and let me know, you all have my info. Thank You!

julie shannon
Cute Pet Videos!
235 days ago

Ellen, is it possible that you can buy enough calenders from Howard to give one to each audience member. The entire proceeds goes to north shore animal league to help the poor animal that are in desperate need of a home. The calender is pictures howard took with beth in them and animal that she has saved or works with. She has so many animals that once she fostered she couldn't let go. Their house is turning into a zoo. It would be such a help though if you could use the calender as a give-a-way, it doesn't have to be for Christmas if you are all filled up, just any old day works. Let me know. Thank You!

julie shannon
Adoptable Pets of the Week
236 days ago

I think it is wonderful that you support saving animals and assisting in getting them adopted out. You should hook up with Beth Stern. She works with North Shore Animal League and does wonderful things for those animals as well. She even ends up keeping a bunch of them herself... I bet if you two put your powers together you could do one big benefit to help raise money for the animals! I will be first in line!!