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Julie Decker
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About Me I am retired, loving every minute of it. I've had 6 hip surgeries within 9 months, with one more to go this summer. While in the nursing home for my last surgery, it was discovered my husband had lung cancer and ended up in the nursing home with me. He passed away shortly after that. Then four months after he passed, my nine year old grandson drowned. But through all of that I continue to watch Ellen who makes me smile. Just one foot in front of the other, put a smile on your face and go forward. I honestly believe my husband is in a much better place, he is no longer suffering.
Julie Decker
Ellen Sticks Her Neck Out
495 days ago

Ellen: My daughter and I came to LA just to see your show and found out you had been sick and no shows were being taped for three days. I hope this note finds you lease well enough to travel to Australia.

The time we spent in LA (her coming from Arizona and myself from Florida) was well spent taking a tour of Warner Bros studio. This was my daughters spring break from teaching. We did get to go on your set, which was awesome. The only thing missing was you.

I love your make me laugh and be happy.

Julie Decker
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P.S. I guess the bucket list item of coming to see your show will have to wait for another time.