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Julia smith
Name Julia smith
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Hobbies My kids and I'm a house wife.
About Me My name is Julia Smith. I have five children. I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Up until one year ago, life was not great but was going fine. It started in January, we had a gas explosion, I lost my home, was put into a hotel then had to go to a temporary house and then had to go to my sisters house. Within the last 10 months, we hired a contractor, who did more damage to home then of what he fixed. He had a worker that robbed us in July, stole all of my pipes, and broke my hot water heater. Then the contractor and all of his workers walked off the job with out completing anything. We payed this man $18,000 to come back to a home that is not finished. Now my husband has been laid off from work for the third time just this year. We are just trying to rebuild our life for our kids. Living home with me is my two youngest kids Alyssa (11) and Timmy (15) and my husband Ed. I'm a house wife with a lot of medical problems and can't work. I have two herniated disc in my Lombardo spine. Three deteriating disc cirvical spine, authritus my knees, my spine, my hips and my hands. I have not worked in 5 years but before that I worked since I was 10 years old. My husband does side work when he can just to get us by another day. I really need your help Ellen, I'm in a disaster and just want my house back. If your willing to help me here's my number 267-338-5066 or 267-338-9090
Julia smith
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Adam Levine!
233 days ago

I watch the show today like always. It was a very good show but I was wondering if she can get me a play station 4 I have been trying for the last two weeks .i can not get it anywhere .i am on the phone every day at the stores every night and I cannot get it I will pay for it I just need to get for my sons birthday .his birthday is the 17th of December if she can that will be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia smith
Message from Ellen
251 days ago

Hi Ellen. My name is Julia I watch your show every day. Some day I hope I can come see you but for now I can only watch you on tv and that is great .it is amazing how you make people feel and how you help them .every day I watch you I cry but my tears are happy ones because of the heart you have and that you share that with the whole world and I think that is the greatest thing any one person can do for all them people .some day I really hope to meet you person some day just writing you make me have goose pimples all over. I think you are wonderful and so dose my daughter Alyssa she is 11 years old we always talk about you .love your show and remember BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER !!!!!!!