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Hi Ellen!

All the way from Queensland in Australia, I would like to nominate a nonprofit organisation called Arctic Breed Rescue.

ABR is a private rescue resource, primarily assisting arctic breeds in need from pounds along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. We bring them into either a foster carer or kennel environment, take care of all their vetwork requirements, provide rehabilitation as and when required - as we search for their happy new beginning. ABR is dedicated to ethical rescue and responsible pet ownership at all times. We always put the needs and wants of our beloved arctic breeds first and foremost.

All animals available for rehoming through ABR are desexed, microchipped, C5 vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated, and internal and external parasite treated. To cover these costs ABR raise money by holding BBQ's at our local hardware stores or pet super stores, have stalls at the markets and hold stalls at our local park where we also show off our arctic breeds available for adoption.

We have a number of volunteers who devote their time, love and money to ensure our furr babies are well looked after and safe.

Please visit their website: they also have a facebook page you can visit for more information.