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Julia Davis Scott
Name Julia Davis Scott
Location Dahlonega, Ga
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Hobbies cooking, crafts, reading, puzzles, role playing
About Me I am a 53 year old mother of three sons, grandmother of one grandson. I met my husband at an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, while we were both attending Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana - Monroe). My greatest joy is my family. I love performing service, I love to cook for those who are sick or feeling down. My husband is a professor of economics (I was an art ed. major - it's wonder we ever got together!), who is also an aspiring author and I assist in editing his work. I have arthritis and diabetes, some days I can only shuffle around, as my hips and knees don't want to cooperate - I use a cane most of the time and my boys call me "Dr. House" on my grumpy days. I am very blessed to have the love and laughter that I have in my life and my goal is to let my kids know how much I love them each and every day. I enjoy your show so very much because it shows humanity at it's best. The positive, upbeat vibe that you project is such a welcome change in a world of horrific news and the knowledge that we as a people are not very kind to one another.
Julia Davis Scott
J.R. Martinez's Emotional New Tattoo
590 days ago

I have such a "Mom Crush" on J.R.! He is exactly the type of man that I want my sons to be like. My boys are already wonderful, but they have never had to face the hardships this young man has, and I hope that his story can teach young people about grace, acceptance, and faith. God bless you, Mr. Martinez!