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Are You Expecting Your First Child?
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Hi Ellen!
I am such a huge fan of yours and everything you represent! The kindness and generosity that you spread is inspiring and never fails to bring a smile to my fac or a tear to my eye.
I am excited to finally be able to say that I am expecting and cannot wait to be a first time mommy! My husband and I lost our first baby last summer and went through a string of fertility issues that the doctors could only diagnose as "bad luck". Our bad luck got worse in January of this year, when I was laid off because I told my former employer that I was still trying and that because of our issues in trying to conceive, I wasn't going to be able to travel. I had been with them for 4 years and lost thousands of dollars of tuition money from classes that I had to drop out of in my MBA program because I was asked to travel (none of which was reimbursed, nor was any of the $110,000+ that I paid to receive my MBA in my field). The lay off left me and my husband car-less, computer-less, and phone-less with a heck of a lot of student loan debt weighing us down.
Shortly after, I was scheduled to se a fertility specialist to try to figure out if there was anything else going on causing our fertility issues. I was late, but I figured it was due to the stress of our situation, but on a whim, I decided to take a pregnancy test on the morning of my appointment. It was positive! We were shocked and elated!
I have since gone on a few interviews, and upon the "offer" stage of the process, I have disclosed that I am expecting and any offer is completely removed from the table. Again, illegal, but I'm learning firsthand that this is not new or unique to me in my situation. I am saddened by this, but is it all overshadowed by the pure joy of growing my little bundle of joy. Last week, my husband and I heard our baby's heartbeat on the doppler! This is will be the first of the next generation in both of our families, and we're the first of our group of friends to have a baby, and were able to make the announcement to our families during the terror of this past week (we live in Boston) to lift their moods and bring a little sunshine in an otherwise terrible time.
I will be glued to your Mother's Day show (as I am everyday!) to hear the recommendations for baby gear and mommy tips from other expecting mommies!!!