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Judy Z
Name Judy Z
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Hobbies Cross Stitching & Crocheting and reading
About Me Retired and loving my freedom after almost 50 years of working. I have 2 grown boys and 2 grandchildren (boy and girl) Spending good time with friends who also have retired and celebrating a wedding coming up for one of our friends first wedding. Wonderful time!!
Judy Z
Channing Tatum, Kate McKinnon
119 days ago

Great show as always!
I would love to be able to send a congratulation note to Keenia. I was moved by her heroism and the seemingly genuine person that she is. She deserves to find a great job to continue passing on her skills and kindness to others.
I do hope that she is able to find this.
Thank you for having her on and sharing her story with the rest of us.

Judy Z