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Judy Robinson
Name Judy Robinson
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Hobbies Watching the Ellen show, working in the service industry,spending time with the family, loving on my cat!
About Me I recently moved back home with the parents to take care of my step dad after a horrific accident. I spend most hours working to supply extra income for my parents.
Judy Robinson
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
228 days ago

Hi Ellen!!!!
I'm writing this on behalf of my parents. On April fools day of this year (this is no joke) my father fell from two stories while roofing. The percentage rate of survival was approximately 40%, and recovery even less. He landed on his feet. He's a huge batman fan & many say his bat wings saved him. He suffered with both heels being ****tered along with his left wrist. We are still working through numerous surgeries and many hours of therapy. He just started walking no too long ago & doctors are amazed at his progress. His foot surgeons have made it known be May need to have his right ankle fused. Thu would mean the end of his roofing career. His been doing this for almost 30 years & doesn't have many other skills. He was an independent contractor... this means no health insurance, no workmans compensation, & nothing to fall back on. We've been able to get some help for some of the medical bills (which are close to half a million). We still struggle daily for everything else needed to survive. I moved back home the week of the accident. I do my best to support them by working 3 jobs. He will not see any sense of income for well over a year. This causes his ego & pride to be immensely damaged. Sometimes he shuts down & cries. There's no way to comfort him. I can honestly say you put a smile on his face. He now has a routine of his daily shows. He watches you twice a day sometimes (he recordes the show cor my mom to watch in the evenings). If I can ask for anything, it would be to continue to make him laugh!!!! I've often wondered how I could get him to the show. We live in a rural part of Pennsylvania. A good distance from your studio. So we continue to pretend that were in the audience & share the quality time together. Thank you so much for being a reason to make him laugh & continue to fight for his life & strength to accept the outcome of what is.