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Judy Lamppu
Name Judy Lamppu
Location Granada Hills, CA
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Hobbies Songwriting, writing, reading, event organizing, seeing films, lots of TV, love THE VOICE and THE BLACKLIST among others...
About Me Hate to be a downer but I just lost my husband so my story is not as upbeat as it used to be. Until he became ill, we were both very active with our non-profit org helping emerging talent in the music biz, I was Ms Sr Indiana 2010, I did a lot of singing, performing, taught some lyric writing classes, used to be a go-go dancer in the 60's, need to laugh these days and Ellen helps a lot with that. Our Facebook page has lots of our recent travails and recent experiences (Friends of Steve Scott and Judy Lamppu). Writing is a great outlet for me and music so important. Thanks, Ellen for cheering me up. Watching you I don't feel so alone.
Judy Lamppu
Ellen's Got the Funniest Tweets!
150 days ago

Not good at this tweeting stuff but this YouTube video of exchange between Dolphins Cheerleaders and Afghanistan troups is so darling: