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Judy Goodwin
Name Judy Goodwin
Joined 344 days ago
Hobbies Walking the beach, enjoying nature, and working in my yard.
About Me I'm a hard worker but can't work right now due to my disease "CLL". Just makes me so exhausted to do the things I so enjoy.
Judy Goodwin
Ellen's New Game, 'Heads Up!'
343 days ago

Dear Ellen, I've been diagnosed with "CLL" (which is Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia). This is my second time for it to come back. I was in remission for 4 years and now it has returned. I can't work right now due to being so exhausted. I'm on medical leave. My husband is retired so we live on his SSI. Just tuff times right now. I love your show so much. I watch it daily just to get a laugh out of my day. My father died of this cancer and I deal with depression, anxiety and waiting on going through treatment again. Chemo is such a poison and really don't want to go through that again but has to be done.
Love you Ellen. Your such a fabulous person and co-host. Keep it up.